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Types of Investment Funds in Liechtenstein

Updated on Monday 21st August 2017

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Double-Tax-Treaties-in-Liechtenstein.jpgThe foreign investors who are interested in opening an investment fund in Liechtenstein should know that they can choose among four main categories of funds available in this country. Every category has its main features and our specialists in company formation in Liechtenstein can help you choose the one that is proper for your business goals and plans.

The main categories of investment funds a foreign entrepreneur can open in Liechtenstein are as follows:

1.    Investment Undertakings for securities – they are also called UCITS and are regulated according to the European Council Directive 85/611/EEC. They observe the investor protection requirements that are available also in other countries that are members of the European Economic Area (EEA). In this category are included also other financial products, such as derivatives. The minimum value for opening an UCITS in Liechtenstein is CHF 1.25 million. If it is not possible to reach this value since the beginning of the fund, there is a period of a year, starting from the receiving the license, in which the investors can collect the amount.

2.    Investment Undertakings for other values – The minimum value for this type of fund is CHF 2 million and this must be reached in maximum six months after receiving the license. This type of fund can be used for investments in precious metals, derivative financial instruments, commodities, investment undertakings with increased risk  etc.  

3.     Investment Undertakings for real estate – The minimum value for this type of fund is similar to the Investment Undertakings for other values, namely CHF 2 million. The members in this type of fund can make direct and indirect investments in real estate.

4.    Special Funds are also known as Investment Undertakings for qualified investors, who can be banks, pension funds, insurers, other funds, asset managers etc.  The minimum value of this type of fund is CHF 2 million that is mandatory to be reached in maximum six months since grating the license.

You can find out more information on the types of investment funds in Liechtenstein from the video below:

The management company of an Investment Undertaking must have a registered office in Liechtenstein and our specialists in company formation can help you with information related to all the requirements for all the types of investment funds in this country, including those related to obtaining the license from the Financial Market Authority. Please contact us for more details.


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