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A Few Interesting Facts about the Liechtenstein Economy

Written by: Bridgewest

There are many people who want to move to Liechtenstein or want to start a business here, however, they have little to no information on this European small country bordered by Austria and Switzerland. Its size of only 160 square kilometers could make some believe that there isn’t much to do here, yet Liechtenstein is one of the most industrialized countries in the world. Below, our Liechtenstein company formation consultants will offer some surprising information on the small country, also known as the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein is one of the most stable economies in the world

And that stability is offered by the strong industry mentioned above, but also by the financial and the high-tech sector. There are more than 4,000 companies operating in Liechtenstein at this moment offering more jobs than the population of the country. This is one of the reasons why local businesses must seek for workforce outside its boundaries.

Returning to the Liechtenstein industry, it is worth noting that manufacturing is its strongest branch, as this sector accounts for almost 40% of the gross value added. And yet, Liechtenstein is mainly known as a financial center. This is because of the regulations which favor the establishment of investment funds, but also to the large network of international agreements the small country has.

Another less known fact about Liechtenstein is that it is one of the few countries to receive the highest credit rating from 3 different agencies at the same time.

Our company registration agents in Liechtenstein can assist if you have decided to open a company here.

Lichtenstein has one of the simplest taxation systems in Europe

Investors usually look at the taxes they must pay when starting a business in a foreign country. From this point of view, Liechtenstein can once more offer many advantages. The first one is the simple taxation system which implies a flat corporate tax. The second one is the rate of that tax, which is among the lowest in Europe: 12.5%.

Liechtenstein also offers access to two of the most important markets in Europe: the European Union and the European Economic Area.

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The team from CompanyFormationLiechtenstein.com is very qualified and benefits from extensive expertise in this area. I would definitely recommend them to any entrepreneur decided to start his own business here.

Mihai Cuc, Partner of
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