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Improved Tax Legislation Led to Liechtenstein's Removal from EU's Grey List

Written by: Bridgewest

At the beginning of October, the EU Council announced the removal of Liechtenstein from the so-called grey list containing countries which did not fully complied with the harmonized tax legislation. This means that Liechtenstein now meets the OECD and EU requirements with respect to the corporate tax laws under which competition between companies could have been deemed unfair under certain circumstances. Foreign investors who want to open companies in Liechtenstein can rely on our local consultants for information on the tax legislation applicable here.

Liechtenstein now complies with EU and OECD standards

At the end of 2017, the EU and the OECD announced a list of countries which failed to fully comply with the competition regulations with respect to the corporate taxes imposed on companies. This was the so-called grey list which also comprised Liechtenstein.

Earlier this month, the EU Council has made another announcement through which Liechtenstein was removed from the list, as the Principality’s government has taken the necessary steps to comply with the standards imposed at both EU and OECD levels. Liechtenstein has amended its tax laws in order to eliminate the regulations which harmed competition between companies.

Our company formation advisors in Liechtenstein can help foreign entrepreneurs who want to start their business activities in this country.

The new tax rules to be implemented in 2019

The changes in the legislation related to taxation in Liechtenstein will most likely be implemented starting with 2019 and will contain:

  • -          new anti-avoidance regulations related to the repatriation of income earned from the distribution of dividends and capital gains for Liechtenstein entities with participation in foreign companies;
  • -          new anti-avoidance regulations related to the deduction of the notional interest;
  • -          the elimination of certain tax deductions connected to the depreciation or the value adjustment of participation.

For full information on the tax legislation applicable in Liechtenstein, do not hesitate to contact us. Our company registration representatives in Liechtenstein can help foreign investors who want to set up businesses in various industries in the Principality.




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