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Industry and Manufacturing, Best Performing Sectors in Liechtenstein at the End of 2017

Written by: Bridgewest

The autumn months of 2017 brought very good results for industrial and manufacturing companies in Liechtenstein, according to the National Office for Statistics. With only 1% of these companies facing difficulties, Liechtenstein has gone through one of the best economic phases of this year. Foreign investors who want to set up businesses here can rely on the company formation services offered by our agents in Liechtenstein.

The situation of industrial and manufacturing companies improved

At the moment, industry and manufacturing are the best performing economic sectors of Liechtenstein, without taking into consideration the financial one. The last survey conducted by the Office for Statistics reveal that the last months of the year very good for Liechtenstein companies in these fields, as 39% of them rated their economic situation as good, 60% as satisfactory and only 1% of them were in a poor state. This a major improvement, considering the last report issued in May when 9% of the companies had announced a poor economic situation.

Liechtenstein companies predict a good end of the year

The main elements contributing to Liechtenstein industrial and manufacturing companieswellbeing in the third quarter of the year are the larger number of order, the increase in employment level and the growth of machine utilization and capacity. Also, most of the companies reported higher incomes during this period.

The fourth quarter of 2017 is regarded positively by these companies, especially by those in the metals and non-metals branches of manufacturing. The only sector proving more reluctant to the good performance for the end of the year is the construction sector, however numbers indicate it is developing quite well.

For 2018, the overall economic outlook for Liechtenstein is a good one from the perspective of the National Statistics Office but also from international organizations. Even if labor costs are expected to increase, so are domestic sales and import/export numbers.

Foreign investors who want to invest in Liechtenstein in the coming year can turn their attention to agriculture which is expected to develop considerably in 2018. If you are planning on starting a business in the Principality and need assistance, please contact our Liechtenstein company formation representatives.



The team from CompanyFormationLiechtenstein.com is very qualified and benefits from extensive expertise in this area. I would definitely recommend them to any entrepreneur decided to start his own business here.

Mihai Cuc, Partner of
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