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Liechtenstein Aims to Become a "Digital Country"

Written by: Bridgewest

Liechtenstein is currently going to very important changes which were designed to transform it into a digital country. Two major decisions were made by the government during the last few months. The first one refers to the financial industry which will welcome cryptocurrency and the second one is related to Liechtenstein integrating digital administration programs which ease the e-government shift. Our company formation consultants in Liechtenstein can assist foreign investors who want to invest in high-tech industries here.

Liechtenstein to become a cryptocurrency center

A while back the most important players in the financial industry in Liechtenstein had announced the creation of the Crypto Country Association which promotes the use of cryptocurrencies. This way, Liechtenstein wants to follow the footsteps of the Swiss Zug Canton which is recognized as a crypto center in Europe.

The initiative of the Association is backed up by the Financial Market Authority of the Principality which is why it has caught the attention of investors who started submitting inquiries related to setting up fintech businesses here.

The Association considers attracting fintech startups all over the world is the key to success for Liechtenstein becoming a “crypto country”.

Our company registration agents in Liechtenstein can assist those interested in setting up cryptocurrency businesses here.

Liechtenstein also adheres to e-government declaration

Digital technology has not found its way into the financial industry only, as the Liechtenstein government also signed a joint declaration with other 31 EU and EFTA states. Through this declaration the Liechtenstein central authorities have committed to promoting e-government principles which will ease the interaction of the citizens with the authorities.

E-government in Liechtenstein will imply one-time data entry related to the details of individuals and companies and easy access to citizens and companies to the digital databases created by the government.

Foreign investors interested in investing in Liechtenstein have numerous sectors of the financial industry they can choose from. Those who want to open companies here are invited to contact our local company formation agents for support.




The team from CompanyFormationLiechtenstein.com is very qualified and benefits from extensive expertise in this area. I would definitely recommend them to any entrepreneur decided to start his own business here.

Mihai Cuc, Partner of
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