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Liechtenstein Is Now More Appealing to Large Financial Companies

Written by: Bridgewest

If until recently Liechtenstein attracted mostly investment funds and professional investors setting up this type of financial companies, after the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has put pressure on countries offering special tax incentives to large financial companies to abolish these benefits, Liechtenstein has become more attractive to large international corporations in the financial sector. Our company formation consultants in Liechtenstein can offer information on how to establish a financial company in the Principality.

Why are financial companies turning their attention to Liechtenstein?

Known as a financial center, Liechtenstein competed with Switzerland and Luxembourg in terms of attracting intra-group financial companies, usually known as FinCos. However, since the OCED pushed for the abolishment of the tax benefits offered by Switzerland and Luxembourg to these companies, Liechtenstein which provides for a more transparent taxation system has become more attractive to FinCos seeking to relocate their assets. Compared to the same two countries, Liechtenstein offers one of the lowest tax rates in terms of corporate income which is why no special incentives were necessary for any type of financial company.

Our company registration consultants can help if you want to open a company in the financial sector in Liechtenstein.

Taxation is not the only reason for FinCos to choose Liechtenstein

Even if taxation seems to be the main reason for intra-group financial companies to move their operations, it must be noted that a large corporation has an important portfolio which is why the administration of this portfolio is very important. Liechtenstein can also cover this area through specialists in the financial industry and through an infrastructure which is now completed by a new legislation which provides for innovative companies in the same industry.

Attracting FinCos would bring substantial benefits to Liechtenstein in terms of economic stability and a greater number of qualified personnel moving here.

Foreign investors seeking to establish a company in Liechtenstein can rely on the services provided by our local agents. You can also contact us if you need accounting services.



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