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Liechtenstein Proposes New Share Capital Requirements for Fintech Companies

Written by: Bridgewest

Liechtenstein wants to address the entrance of innovative companies in the financial industry in the country by easing the registration requirements for them. In order to achieve that, the Principality’s government wants to modify the legislation related to financial markets by offering customized minimum share capital requirements based on the bank and investment companies’ profiles. Our company registration consultants in Liechtenstein can offer information about the current laws on financial markets.

 Liechtenstein to propose regulations tailored on the companies’ risk profiles

Liechtenstein’s banking legislation is a favorable one, there is no question in that, considering the Principality’s reputation as a financial center in Europe and even on a global level, however the government wants the country to welcome more innovative fintech companies which are the future of the financial industry.

Considering financial companies are not quite the same with innovative fintech companies, Liechtenstein wants to adapt the banking legislation in order to make it easier for the latter to enter the market. The government proposed tailored minimum share capital requirements based on the profile of the banks or investment companies’ risk profiles. The Financial Market Authority would be in charge with the proposal of the capital requirements after assessing a company’s profile. The authority will take into account the type of services the company would provide, based on which it will make its proposals.

The share capital requirements will be in line with the EU legislation

The main purpose of the government is to make Liechtenstein a more appealing financial center for fintech companies, however the Principality must also remain attractive for European countries – EU and EEA – which is why the new modifications to the legislation will be made in accordance with the EU regulations related to capital requirements for financial companies.

Liechtenstein wants to make room for innovation and digitization in the financial sector which will be beneficial not only for financial companies, but for all business operating in the country which need innovative and secure payment solutions.

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