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Why Invest in Agriculture and Forestry in Liechtenstein?

Written by: Bridgewest

Agriculture and forestry are two of the most important branches of Liechtenstein’s economy. The municipalities work together with a few private companies in Liechtenstein to preserve the beautiful landscape tourists admire when visiting the country. Agriculture and forestry are two of the sectors in which investment opportunities are bountiful and foreign enterprisers can rely on our company formation consultants in Liechtenstein if they want to start businesses in these industries.

Liechtenstein offers many investment opportunities in the agriculture sector

According to the most recent reports, there are little over 100 companies in Liechtenstein operating in this industry. The same reports indicate that agriculture plays a key role to the wellbeing of the population in Liechtenstein as it is meant to preserve the landscape protect the soil and ensure an important part of the foodstuff and dairy products bought by locals. As a matter of fact, organic food and milk products are the less imported goods by Liechtenstein because of the high quality of the internal products.

Foreign investors interested in opening companies in the agriculture sector will benefit from assistance from the government if they want to set up organic or animal farms. Our company registration agents can offer information on the licenses required to start an agricultural business in Liechtenstein.

Forestry activities can be carried out in partnership with the municipalities

At the moment, the workforce employed by the forestry sector is around 1%. This is because most of the landscapes are groomed by the municipalities. However, there are also around 200 companies in Liechtenstein which saw great potential in this industry and work together with the municipalities.

Among the investment opportunities the forestry sector offers are the establishment of mountain farms and sylvicultural companies, as Liechtenstein has forests covering 6865 hectares, better said 43% of the total surface of the country.

Foreign investors seeking to establish businesses in this country can definitely choose agriculture or forestry which also benefit from assistance programs issued by the government. For help with the registration process of the company, please contact our agents in Liechtenstein.



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