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Open a Foundation in Liechtenstein

Updated on Tuesday 06th December 2016

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Open-a-foundation-in-LiechtensteinLiechtenstein is a preferred destination for foreign investors seeking to do business in an European country because of its low taxes. While some of them will choose the regular structures like limited liability companies or establishments, other use more tax-efficient forms, such as foundations.

The Company Law is the main law encompassing provisions on how to set up a foundation in Liechtenstein. You can find out more information about the Commercial Code from our company registration consultants in Liechtenstein.

What is a foundation?

The foundation is not a company itself, but it is an autonomous fund set up for special purpose and has a legal personality. Liechtenstein foundations may be established for various purposes; however, the most employed ones are:

  • -          charitable foundations;
  • -          private-benefit foundations;
  • -          pure family foundations;
  • -          church foundations;
  • -          maintenance foundations.

Even if it has a legal personality, a foundation in Liechtenstein will have no shareholders. Also, certain types of foundations may not engage in commercial activities. Only private-purpose foundation will be allowed to carry out commercial activities as long as these involve investment and management of the structure’s assets.

How to establish a foundation in Liechtenstein

Unlike a company which must be registered with the Companies Registrar in Liechtenstein, a charitable foundation will be set up through a declaration signed before a public notary. Liechtenstein foundations set up for commercial purposes will have to register with the Trade Register.

 Those setting up the foundation will be referred to as founders. They must appoint the beneficiaries and the trustee who can be an individual or a company and who will manage the assets of the foundation.

 The minimum amount required to open a foundation in Liechtenstein is 30,000 CHF, US dollars or euros. The foundation must also have a representative whose address will be listed as the foundation’s address.

Why set up a foundation in Liechtenstein?

Among the advantages of opening a foundation in Liechtenstein are:

  • -          a low annual income tax;
  • -          low management costs;
  • -          easiness in setting the foundation up;
  • -          it offers enhanced privacy to the founders and the beneficiaries;
  • -          the founders can also be the beneficiaries of the foundation.

Moreover, Liechtenstein also allows the establishment of offshore foundation.

For assistance in setting up a foundation, please contact our company formation agents in Liechtenstein.



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