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Open Private Limited Company without Shares in Liechtenstein

Updated on Thursday 02nd August 2018

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Selling-shares-in-a-company-in-LiechtensteinThere are several types of businesses that can be established in Liechtenstein. One option for investors is to open a private limited company without shares in Liechtenstein. This type of structure consists of two or more natural or juridical persons that come together for any legal objective. If you open a company in Liechtenstein as a private limited company, the business will have a separate legal entity and your liability will only be limited to a certain amount and not for the entire debt of the company. The governing law for private limited companies in Liechtenstein is the Persons and Companies Act.

Capital requirement

Engaging in company formation in Liechtenstein as a private limited company without shares means that you will have to submit a minimum capital of 30,000 Swiss Francs; 15,000 of which must be initially paid. From the amount of capital, shareholders can invest at a minimum amount of 50 Swiss Francs. They can subscribe to different amounts as long as it is a multiple of 50.

We have also prepared a video on how to open a private limited company without shares in Liechtenstein:

Shareholder’s meeting

This is the supreme body of the private limited company without shares in Liechtenstein. It is known as such because the shareholder’s meeting is where important decisions are made and corporate acts cannot be made without authorization given by such entity. Although the shareholder’s meeting is the supreme body, some of its powers and authority may be delegated to a management body. If you set up a company in Liechtenstein, its shareholders will be the one in control.

Management of the private limited company

When you open a company in Liechtenstein for this type of business, it will have an administrative body called the company management. It consists of one or more persons who do not have to be shareholders of the private limited company in Liechtenstein. They are authorized to do business on behalf of the company and all other acts that are not specifically granted only to the shareholder’s meeting. The persons comprising the company management are appointed by the shareholders and their authority can be revoked at any time.

Formation of the private limited company without shares

If you open a company in Liechtenstein, it must be registered with the Public Registry. For private limited companies without shares in Liechtenstein, the articles of association must be notarized and signed by all the incorporators. This is a precondition before the application for registration can be entered with the Public Registry.

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