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Liechtenstein Public Registry

Updated on Tuesday 19th December 2017

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The Public Registry in Liechtenstein is the main connection between the local companies and the business environment.  It is supervised by the Liechtenstein National Administration and any entity registered here may be checked by accessing the official website.

It was introduced in 1926, replacing the previously existing Trade, cooperative, association, foundation and institutional register and the registered marriage contract.

The main responsibilities of the Public Registry of Liechtenstein are:

  • - the registration of companies, foundations, institutions, etc.,
  • - filing of documents on foundations,
  • - implementation of public certifications,
  • - business name clarifications,
  • - instigation of statutory notices and various duties, such as monitoring compliance with various regulations (balance sheet submission, etc.), domicile, testing and pre-testing.

Our company registration consultants in Liechtenstein can offer more information on the duties of the Public Registry.

How can a company register with the Liechtenstein Public Registry?

In order to register a company in the Liechtenstein Public Register, the following documents and information must be provided:

  • - the date when the articles of association were accepted,
  • - the name and the address of the company,
  • - the goals of the company about to be opened in Liechtenstein,
  • - the availability date of the company,
  • - the amount of share capital,
  • - details regarding the shares,
  • - details regarding the members of the board and the representatives,
  • - the amount of the payment made by shareholders,
  • - modalities of making known the decisions of the general assembly,
  • - the original or certified copy of the articles of association,

- the minute of the meeting where the decision of establishment was taken (or a statement that the entire capital was deposited in a bank, 20% of the shares were paid-up and the appointment of the members of the board and the audit - when available)

How can I have access on the Liechtenstein Public Registry? 

The Public Register with inclusion of applications and supporting documents are public in Liechtenstein, but only for those persons who are able to make a legitimate interest credible. However, the corporations, limited partnerships and limited liability companies can check the information by depositing a written application.

Extracts from the Register of registered companies (so-called public register extracts) can be ordered at any time. These statements are generally issued only in certified form.

What information does the Liechtenstein Commercial Register keep?

The Public Registry in Liechtenstein is a very useful tool for foreign investors or companies entering into partnerships with local companies as it offers full information on all the businesses registered in the Principality. Among these are:

  • -       the records of a company;
  • -       declarations of the shareholders and directors of companies;
  • -       the history of each company registered and struck from the records of the Registrar.

 An interesting fact about the Trade Register in Liechtenstein is that is falls under the administration of the Office of Justice.

You can also watch the video below for more information on the Public Register in Liechtenstein:

Company dissolution in Liechtenstein

Considering the Public Registrar is the main bridge between companies and the authorities, one of its principal obligations is to register any change brought to a Liechtenstein’s company’s status. This is why in order to cease to exist a company must be de-register with the Trade Register before stopping doing business. This happens when a company is dissolved.

Other changes that must be announced to the Public Registry in Liechtenstein are:

  • -       changes in the company’s ownership;
  • -       any transfer of shares;
  • -       if any mergers or acquisitions have been registered;
  • -       changes in the company’s structure.

For more information on the role of the Companies Registrar, you may contact our company formation agents in Liechtenstein. We can also help you open a company in Liechtenstein.



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