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Updated on Friday 02nd December 2016

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Set-up-a-website-in-LiechtensteinLiechtenstein companies follow the trend imposed by other companies in European countries and move their businesses in the online environment in order to gain more market visibility. To succeed that they need to register a domain name first and then create their own websites through which they can sell their products or services, or just present them. However, they must abide by several laws in order to create their own website in Liechtenstein. Among these laws are the Communications and the Data Protection Laws.

If you want to open an online company in Liechtenstein, you will first need to register the company. Our company formation agents in Liechtenstein can help you with the incorporation process.

Domain names in Liechtenstein

In order to set up a website in Liechtenstein one must first choose a domain name. Liechtenstein’s top-level domain is .li which falls under the administration of the University of Liechtenstein. Until several years ago, the Swiss domain names administrator (SWITCH) was in charge with the registration of domain names in Liechtenstein, however now there are several companies acknowledged by SWITCH from which companies in the Principality can purchase domain names. Liechtenstein also recognizes international domain names like .com or .eu.

Registering a website in Liechtenstein

Foreign citizens or companies seeking to create a website in Liechtenstein must first determine the architecture of their site and they should take into consideration the following:

  • -          the minimum length of the site must be 3 characters while the maximum allowed is 63 characters;
  • -          it is also allowed to add hyphens in the name of the website, as long as they are place elsewhere than the first and last positions in the sequence;
  • -          one is also allowed to use numbers.

Once the name is established, the owner must verify with the accredited registrar if the name has not been taken. Then, based on a subscription fee, one can register the website. The license is available for one year and is also renewable.

For full information on the communication laws which also enable the creation of websites, please feel free to contact our company registration consultants in Liechtenstein. We can also assist if you want to register a company in the Principality.



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