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Changing the Company Type in Liechtenstein

Updated on Saturday 17th February 2018

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Changing-the-company-type-in-LiechtensteinForeign enterprisers can set up various types of companies in Liechtenstein. In order to do that, they must respect the provisions of the Commercial Law based on which they will choose the appropriate business form and then register it with the Public Trade Register in Liechtenstein.

Foreign investors who for some reason want to change business forms are allowed to. It must be kept in mind, that the Commercial Code does provide for a direct change of company type. Our company registration agents in Liechtenstein can offer detailed information on the types of business forms available for incorporation in the Principality.

How to change business forms in Liechtenstein

As mention above, the Liechtenstein Commercial Code does not provide for a direct change of company type, therefore the owner must first de-register the company and then re-register it. In the case of private limited liability companies which will be changed into public companies, an increase of the share capital and the issuance of the prospectus are sufficient.

The following types of companies can be changed in Liechtenstein:

  • -          the individual enterprise into a limited liability company;
  • -          the private limited liability company into a public company;
  • -          the limited liability company into an establishment;
  • -          the establishment into a limited liability company.

Our Liechtenstein company formation consultants can assist foreign investors who want to change company types.

We invite you to watch how you can change business forms in Liechtenstein:

Steps to change business forms in Liechtenstein

The first step to change business structures in Liechtenstein is to file a petition with the Trade Register in order for the company to be deleted from the records of the Companies Registrar. Once this process is completed, the owner must follow the company registration procedure and apply for the trade name reservation, have the incorporation documents prepared and filed with the Public Registry.

Changing a sole proprietorship into a limited liability company implies the direct registration of a new company in Liechtenstein.

If you are interested in opening a company or changing business structures in Liechtenstein, you can contact our company formation representatives. We can also guide you through the de-registration process.

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