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Open Liechtenstein Shop for Selling Food,Drinks and Tobacco

Updated on Monday 17th December 2018

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Open-a-business-for-selling-food-beverages-and-tobacco-in-Liechtenstein.jpgEntrepreneurs who want to open companies in Liechtenstein can open shops in which they can sell various types of goods. The FMCG sector is one of the most developed industries in Liechtenstein and among the best-sold goods here are food, beverages and tobacco.

Foreign businessmen are also allowed to open shops in Liechtenstein. Their incomes can grow substantially if they sell these three types of products in their shops in the Principality. Below, our company formation agents in Liechtenstein explain the requirement related to opening a store for selling food, beverages and tobacco.

Registering a business for opening a shop in Liechtenstein

No matter the size of the shop to sell food, beverages and tobacco in Liechtenstein, the company registration procedure is mandatory. After the business, a form has been chosen and the company was incorporated with the Trade Register in Liechtenstein, the business owner must comply with the following requirements:

  • -          he or she must make sure the shop complies with the fire safety requirements;
  • -          he or she must register for value added tax and taxation with the authorities;
  • -          he or she must ensure the premises accommodate the merchandise by creating special isles and the right conditions for storage of the merchandise;
  • -          he or she must apply for the necessary licenses which allow the sale of food, beverages and tobacco.

Our Liechtenstein company formation consultants can advise on the conditions related to opening a business for selling food, beverages and tobacco here.

Licenses for selling food, beverages and tobacco in Liechtenstein

There are several licensing requirements related to selling food, beverages and tobacco in Liechtenstein. Among these, we remind the following:

  • -          all the imported food and beverages must comply with the Food Law imposed in Liechtenstein;
  • -           the food and beverages must be stored in appropriate conditions, as requested on their labels;
  • -          the labels of the food and beverages must be translated and placed visibly on the packages, respectively bottles;
  • -          the sale of tobacco must be done in accordance with the Tobacco Regulations in the Principality.

For assistance in setting up a business for selling food, beverages and tobacco we invite you to contact our company registration advisors in Liechtenstein.

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