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Rating for Liechtenstein

Updated on Tuesday 31st July 2018

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One of the main reasons foreign investors open companies in Liechtenstein is the small country’s economic stability. This economic performance is assessed by credit rating agencies which are trendsetters for the quantity and quality of foreign direct investments in Liechtenstein. During the last few years, Liechtenstein has received from good to very good ratings considering the greatest rating agencies’ assessments.

If you want to open a company in Liechtenstein and need more information on the country’s credit ratings, our company formation agents can offer more information on the investment possibilities available.

What are credit ratings?

Credit ratings are independent assessments carried out by rating agencies which provide valuable information on a country’s economy. In the case of Liechtenstein, most credit rating agencies have issued good ratings for the economy, for the local and foreign currency.

These ratings are useful for the government, in case it wants to obtain credits from international banking organizations, but also for investors who will know if a county is worth investing in.

In the last few years, all credit ratings issued for Liechtenstein were good.

S&P’s latest rating for Liechtenstein

The latest rating received by Liechtenstein was issued by the Standard and Poor’s agency in June 2018. More than a new issuance, S&P renewed its rating for the Principality. According to the latest report, Liechtenstein was rated AAA/A-1+ with a stable outlook.

By 2020, Liechtenstein is expected to have an average 1.6% surplus, which is what determined S&P provide a stable outlook until the next rating is issued.

S&P’s report also indicates Liechtenstein to keep up with the latest international regulatory regimes in terms of taxation and financial services. The increasing revenue collected from taxes is also expected to be maintained by the government over the next two years.

Other recent ratings for Liechtenstein

Not only S&P rated Liechtenstein AAA, but the other major agencies have also issued good ratings for the Principality during the last year. Among these Moody’s rated Liechtenstein Aaa, while Fitch rated the Principality AAA. These were long-term ratings Liechtenstein received in the past year. Just like S&P, the other two agencies also offered a stable outlook for the Principality.


The video below shows the ratings Liechtenstein received until now:

Why does Liechtenstein receive such good ratings?

First of all, Liechtenstein is considered a “reputable financial center” in Europe which is why its economy is very stable. This economy is based on a good regulatory framework and standards meeting the greatest standards. According to all agencies, Liechtenstein receives such good ratings because:

  •          -          it has a stable society;
  •          -          it has a sound company legislation;
  •          -          it has a sound tax legislation;
  •          -          it has good infrastructure;
  •          -          it has little to no bureaucracy.

Also, with the Swiss franc as its official currency, Liechtenstein has low-interest rates on loans. The small country is also considered to have several niche products addressed only to the EU markets.

Why invest in Liechtenstein?

All credit rating agencies assessing Liechtenstein consider this country is one of the most important countries in Central Europe. Foreign investors are drawn to Liechtenstein because:

  • -       Liechtenstein has a great opening to the European market, including to that of EU countries;
  • -       the Principality is one of the richest countries in the world if we consider the per capita income;
  • -       its strongest industry is manufacturing, Liechtenstein managing to shift the attention of investors from the financial industry;
  • -       the financial industry remains one of the most attractive investment sectors in Liechtenstein with new regulations being implemented all the time;
  • -       Liechtenstein also relies on an excellent telecommunications infrastructure;
  • -       it is one of the few countries in the world open to investments in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


Foreign investors seeking to set up companies here may contact our company registration representative in Liechtenstein for assistance.



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